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       Super Fluke Jr 4"
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7" Mag Super Fluke

Berkley PowerBaitZoom Soft Plastic Baits offer the discerning angler one of the largest arsenals of colors and styles in the soft plastic bait industry, including some of the most devestatingly effective baits ever created. Falcon Lake Tackle stocks one of the largest selections of these excellent baits on the Web.

Select a product from the list at left, or use the below links to begin shopping. Note: Some of the newer baits in stock may not be shown on this center section.

Zoom Big Dead Ringer
Big Dead Ringer 8"
Pictured: Plum
Zoom Centipede
Centipede 4"
Pictured: Red Bug
Zoom Double Ringer
Double Ringer 4"
Pictured: Chartreuse Pepper
Zoom Mag II Worm
Mag II Worm 9 1/2"
Pictured: Tequila Sunrise

Zoom Old Monster Worm
Old Monster Worm 10 1/2"
Pictured: Green Pumpkin

Zoom Speed Worm
Speed Worm 5 1/2"
Pictured: Watermelon Seed

Zoom Trick Worm
Trick Worm 6 3/4"
Pictured: Tomato
Zoom U-Tale Worm
U-Tale Worm 6"
Pictured: Purple Passion
Zoom U-Tale Worm
Finesse Worm Worm 6"
Pictured: Watermelon Purple

Zoom 4" Lizard
Lizard 4"
Pictured: Black Red Glitter

Zoom 5" Lizard
Lizard 5"
Pictured: Watermelon Chartreuse

Zoom 6" Lizard

Lizard 6"
Pictured: Motor Oil Gold

Zoom Mag Lizard 8"
Lizard Magnum 8"
Pictured: Gourd Green
Zoom Craw
Craw 6"
Pictured: Chartreuse Pumpkin

Zoom Cross Craw
Cross Craw 4"
Pictured: Pumpkin Orange Claw

Zoom Little Critter Craw
Li'l Critter Craw 3"
Pictured: Blueberry

Zoom Salty Road Kill Craw
Salty Road Kill Craw 4"
Pictured: June Bug

Zoom Brush Hog
Brush Hog 6"
Pictured: Scuppernong

Zoom Baby Brush Hog
Baby Brush Hog 5 1/2"
Pictured: Sour Grape

Zoom Super Fluke
Super Fluke 5"
Pictured: Watermelon Red
Zoom Salty Fat Albert Grub
Salty Fat Albert Grub 5"
White Pearl
Zoom Salty Fat Albert Twin Tail Grub
Salty Fat Albert Twin Tail 3 1/2"
Pictured: Rootbeer Pepper
Zoom Big Salty Chunk
SS+ Big Salty Chunk 3 1/2"
Pictured: Flippin' Blue
Zoom Salty Pro Chunk
SS+ Salty Pro Chunk 3 1/2"
Pictured: Watermelon Shad
Zoom Salty Super Chunk
SS+ Salty Super Chunk 4"
Pictured: Camo
Zoom Salty Swimmin' Chunk
SS+ Salty Swimmin' Chunk 3"
Pictured: Chartreuse Pearl
Zoom Split Tail Trailer
SS+ Split Tail Trailer 4"
Pictured: White


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